Marching and Praying

Dear Friends in Christ,

Early today it was announced that  the officer involved in the  shooting of Tony Robinson would not be charged. As I write clergy of this diocese and other faithful people are marching from the site of the shooting to Grace Episcopal Church on the Capitol Square where they will gather for prayer. This evening churches throughout Madison will be open for prayer and conversation. I am grateful for the witness of these sisters and brothers and pray for them. I pray for the City. I pray that the peace will prevail. I ask you to join me in this prayer.

What has become clear to me this past year is that those of us who claim Jesus as Lord must be at the forefront of working to address the systemic racism that is so much a part of our life in Wisconsin. The first step is to end the denial that it even exists. The second is to admit that those of us who are white have benefitted from its existence. As Jesus taught we need to remove the log from our own eye before removing the speck that is in the eye of another.

Yours in Christ Jesus,



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