Reflection on the Boston Marathon Bombing

Dear Friends in Christ,
Life can change in an instant. I was reminded of that again yesterday (Monday, April 15, 2013) when I heard the news of the explosions at the Boston Marathon that killed three and at least 174 more. We grieve those who died and pray for healing for those who were injured and those whose lives have been forever changed through the tragic loss of a loved one. We ask God to give them solace, comfort, healing and strength. I ask you to join me in adding them to your daily intercessions.
My first thoughts went to a friend who runs that Marathon each year. I was grateful to learn today that he and his family were safe. Then I found myself asking what causes people to do such heinous acts as these? What motivates their actions? What level of powerlessness must they feel? I began to think about the Oklahoma City bombing and its perpetrators. I was reminded of the terror I experienced during the days of the DC Beltway Sniper in 2002.
Life can change in an instant. This reminder causes me to do two things. First to give thanks for those I love, family and friends, and ask God to keep them in his loving care. Second to ask God how I might be a change agent for those who believe themselves powerless and oppressed. Could it be that God is calling us to be life changers?
We are called to be people of peace in a violent world. We are called to be messengers of hope in the midst of despair. Christ is counting on us to be faithful to our call.

Yours in Christ,